Dear Reader, I found the diary of Papa Ji. And there got so many heart touching poems. Here is Vidayi. Those poems are the feelings of everyone’s heart. But everyone are not able to express his or her feelings in text format. May be due to lack of time or lack of writing skills. But Papa ji has that power of expressions, from which he can expression the feelings of all human beings. So from his bottom of heart, I am giving you the way to reach your emotions by sharing his thoughts. Please enjoy it …

Kahu kaise,

Aur kis dil se, 

Mere mehma vida jaao.

Aaye ho bulawe pe,

Kaise kahu jaao.

Ye mehfil meri nhi,

Ye hai aap sab ki.

Majboori aapki hai,

Fursat nhi aapko.

Mai chahta hu,

Rahe kuch din aur aap !

Parantu rok nhi sakta,

Majboori dekh kar aapki...


This poem was written, when a beautiful girl was going to be married. And her mother was thinking to hold-up the bride-groom’s party.

But it was not possible to delay them. As it is rituals and custom of every Marriage in India, that after completion of marriage ceremony, Bride has to go with his husband to his home for supposing that it would be her home from now onwards. And as time goes, it happens like that naturally.

Hope this poem will touch your heart and is able to express your feeling in the same way as you are thing. If you like this Poem Vidayi, then please share and like it on Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. And if you want to make it much better by modifying this, then please comment below or contact us. We will place your thoughts here too. And will be very glad to do this. We will appreciate your views. Thanks for reading this . We love you Dear Reader 🙂


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